italian recipes with pictures

The mission of Images in Actions is to provide pictures of “real” food. All our recipes are photographed during their preparation and the dishes are all served for eating just after the photo is made. So you can see smoking dishes and absolutely natural colors and consistence. In this manner our customers are shure of the final result of each recipe. They can publish our recipes in web sites and magazines without any problem about: the result is certain and all our recipes will look as in the pictures.

Our staff is working daily in making  recipes of best Italian food. We are in degree to provide italian food pictures not only of the most famous and traditional dishes, all of them with pictuers of each preparation step. The pictures of cooking recipes step-by-step are without any doubt the best way for teaching how to make  Italian recipes. Our customers are  editors and restaurants. On demand we can provide also the recipes, with ingredients, quantities and cooking time. All our recipes are tested and we guarantee a satisfying result, however we can’t adapt them to each taste! Also for the traditional italian recipes , where we have a lot of variants, we have codified those which most match with a modern italian taste. Less fats  and easy available ingredients, always with typical italian taste!

As already said here above we can provide not only the pictures of the step- by-step photographed recipe, but also the written recipes with doses, cooking time. The recipes are provided for free with a minimum order of $ 150. You will receive alle the recipes regarding the downloaded pictures. Don’t  hesitate to contact us for each information. Recipes on demand are possible: don’t you find a recipe in our archive? Ask for it!

The pictures to buy are available either with a Royalty free license or with a Right managed license.  Also pictures for personal use only are downloadable.

For each recipe are available no less than 10 pictures up to more than 100 photos for only one recipe.

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